Engineering Infrastructure Design

Mecoy does the Engineering designs necessary to achieve the final dream of the client and meet the challenges of today's society .After, together with the client by following the correct procurement procedure identifies the perfect contractor for the job.Finally there is dialog with the contractor by providing proper explanation and guidance for the design done. Any changes needed to be done for the benefit of the project are also analyzed and implemented.

Inspection and Safety Analysis

Mecoy confirms and supervises test to make sure the proper equipment and materials are being used on the site. This ensures the client receives the highest quality equipment and best materials in the market and at a competitive rate


Mecoy ensures the correct installations are done with highly skilled and qualified labor .Routine checks are done together with meetings to make sure no delays persist. Also we avail ourselves for inspection of the project and explanation of any activities that are taking place. This ensures the client is always aware of what is taking place and satisfied with the ongoing project progression.


With proper and thorough testing we enable the client have peace of mind with the engineering services installed